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Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapse: Video

Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys’ inflatable practice facility collapsed in a storm while the Cowboys were holding their rookie camp. Strong winds and heavy rain battered the plastic bubble, bringing it down. The video shows just how quickly it collapsed.

The Cowboys player who took off his helmet as the building was collapsing is a genius.

Today has brought us the sad news that Dallas Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm will be permanently paralyzed from the waist down after his back was broken & spine was severed in the collapse. Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis broke a vertebrae in his neck and will require surgery tomorrow. Assistant athletic trainer Greg Gaither broke his leg.

This brings up the inevitable question: How safe are these inflatable practice domes, and should they be used?

Many teams from the pro and college ranks are using such bubbles so they can practice when the weather might not be so great, but this is not the first inflatable practice dome to collapse. Arizona State’s practice facility collapsed last summer during a monsoon storm, but fortunately nobody was hurt because it was empty at the time.

One collapse could be a fluke, but a 2nd that seriously injured several men, permanently altering their lives, should cause teams to re-think how safe they are.

Cowboys: Scout Is Permanently Paralyzed From The Waist Down [Pro Football Talk]

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