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Police Officer Sues Man Who Bit Him During Fight Outside Wrigley Field

bite-meLast year, Chicago police officer Michael A. Ponti was working near Wrigley Field when he saw a fight break out.

Ponti then broke up the brawl, but one of the participants, Thomas DiMaggio, bit him on the leg. Who says Cubs fans are uncivilized?

Now, Michael Ponti is suing DiMaggio for damages due to his bite.

According to Ponti’s lawyer Joseph FitzSimmons, “The poor cop saw a fight, went to break it up and [DiMaggio] grabbed him, and literally started chewing on his thigh.”

The suit is for over $100,000 in order to recover “great medical expenses” as well as compensation for time off. DiMaggio did get charged with aggravated battery, but only received a community service sentence.

Between this lawsuit, Denise Richards, and that cat running around on the field, this has certainly been a busy start to the year for Wrigleyville.

Crime takes a bite out of Wrigley Field cop, officer sues [WBBM]

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