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Franck Ribery Kicks Luca Toni In The Balls: Video

Franck Ribery and Luca Toni are quite good friends.

The Bayern Munich teammates had some fun at a recent practice. Well, Franck Ribery had some fun, Luca Toni just got kicked in the nuts. But he didn’t seem to mind too much.

Awww. Luca Toni hearts Franck Ribery.

All this video needs is the “My Buddy” song and we’re set.

My Buddy, My Buddy,
Wherever I go, he goes.
My Buddy, My Buddy,
I’ll teach him everything that I know…

My Buddy and me
Like to climb up a tree.
My buddy and me
We’re the best friends that could be.

My Buddy, My Buddy
My Buddy and Meeeee!

Ribery Gives Toni a Love Tap [Dirty Tackle]

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