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The Columbus Blue Jackets Have Problems With Hitting: Video

So far, the NHL playoffs have not gone well for the Columbus Blue Jackets against the Detroit Red Wings. First, they haven’t figured out how many sticks they should use. Now, they are losing the hitting game badly.

First, Blue Jackets forward R.J. Umberger wasn’t paying attention as he was skating and was absolutely lit up by Brad Stuart of the Red Wings.

Head on a swivel, Umberger.

After the game, Umberger said, “I had a kink in my neck for the last two months. It’s gone now. So I’m actually pretty happy. I should send him a thank-you note. … It was better than a chiropractor can do.”

Brad Stuart responded in kind, saying with a grin, “Anytime, anytime. Glad to help. I don’t charge anything. Pro bono.”

About a minute after Stuart’s hit on Umberger, the Blue Jackets’ Mike Commodore tried to get his revenge on the Red Wings by trying to check Daniel Cleary, but failed in spectacular fashion. He completely whiffed on his attempted hit and instead ended up on the Red Wings bench.

No, dude, you can’t switch teams now. You’re stuck in Columbus. But seeing as the Blue Jackets are down 3-0 to the Red Wings, you’ll be able to go on vacation soon.

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