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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski On The Colbert Report: Video

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Mike Krzyzewski
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Last night, Mike Krzyzewski appeared on The Colbert Report, giving one of the most boring interviews ever on the show. Seeing as Stephen Colbert does well with every other guest on his show, the blame goes fully on Coach K.

The Duke Blue Devils coach was there to promote his new book about the 2008 Olympic Team, The Gold Standard: Building a World-Class Team, which hopefully gives Jerry Colangelo credit for all he did.

Coach K bristled from the start, as if he couldn’t be bothered with Colbert & his humor. Surely someone must have told him how these interviews work, right? It’s not like he’s not always around college students.

As for coaching advice gleaned from the interview, “telling them the truth” and “giving them a simple plan” are things that any coach of 8-year-olds could tell you.

Mike Krzyzewski On The Colbert Report [First Cuts]

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