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Cat Runs Around At Wrigley Field During Chicago Cubs Game: Video

Augmentin side effects has now had its second cat-related incident of the year.

During the New York Mets’ Citi Field opener, a scared cat ran around behind home plate. Last night, a more mellow cat sauntered around the outfield at Wrigley Field in Chicago as the Cubs took on the Cincinnati Reds.

Or at least, the cat was mellow until the grounds crew got a hold of it. Following a short slow-speed pursuit, one of the Chicago Cubs staff members thought it would be a great idea to pick up the cat by its tail.

Then, instead of securing said cat, he just dropped it into the crowd. Nothing says “baseball fun” like dropping an angry cat into a crowd of spectators!

Finally, once the cat has already been dumped over the wall, a ball boy runs over with what appears to be a thin plastic bag. Sadly, the video ends before we get to see someone mauled by the cat as they attempt to shove it in a bag.

PETA is going to love the Chicago Cubs even more after this.

Video: Cat Interrupts Cubs Game, Gets Roughed Up by Grounds Crew [Cubbies Crib]

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