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Theo Bos Crashes Daryl Impey During Tour Of Turkey: Video

During the Tour of Turkey, leader Daryl Impey was in the middle of the pack as it approached the finish line.

Impey was riding close to the edge of the road near another rider, Theo Bos. Bos thought that Daryl Impey was getting too close, so he pulled him down by his jersey and threw him headfirst into a fence along the side of the road, making both riders crash.

Impey still won the Tour of Turkey, as rules state that riders who crash in the last 3km of a race receive the same finishing time as the stage winner. He did get back on his bike to finish.

The price of his victory was “a fracture of the third disk of his lumbar vertebra, a micro-fracture of his neck, a facial trauma, a few broken teeth and a deep cut in his lips,” all of which necessitated an overnight hospital stay.

Afterward, Theo Bos said, “I am sure that I only wanted him off. He threatened to come my way and I was already as good as in the fence.”

While uneven fencing can be partially blamed for Bos feeling that he was being pushed towards it & he was already crashing, it was not an appropriate response to then pull down another rider. It’s shocking that it appears Theo Bos will not be punished in any way for this. While accidents do happen, the video pretty clearly shows Bos reaching for Daryl Impey. Actions like that have no place in cycling.

Now, if they created a sport that combined cycling and roller derby (Keirin on steroids), that would be an entirely different story.

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