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Daily Rubbish: April 20, 2009

Video of the Day: Balki from Perfect Strangers with the first ever Rick Roll [via Homework 4 Dummies]

Today’s Links:

It’s Quiet. It’s Too Quiet [Keith Olbermann]

Rays wonder if Cialis soft vs cialis-mad Brazil can produce MLB talent [Big League Stew]

Finally, A Campaign We Can All Agree With [No Guts No Glory]

Random Retro Augmentin side effects Player: Howard Johnson [Sharapova’s Thigh]

A.C. Slater Tries To Play Footsie With Kobe [Lake Show Life]

Yankee Stadium Seating Could Be Cause of Home Run Derby [Accuweather]

Charles Barkley FAILS the Chris Webber Bread Challenge, video [NESW Sports]

20 Athletes You Would Want with You in a Bar Fight [Sloshspot]

Baseball’s Top 10 Batting Stances [The Love Of Sports]

There Should Be A Law Against Patriots Fans Getting Tattoos [FanIQ]

Cat Found in Greenville (Ed: this is fantastic!) [Observation Bubble]

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