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Jakub Voracek Plays With Two Sticks For The Columbus Blue Jackets Vs. The Detroit Red Wings: Video

Please excuse the Columbus Blue Jackets. They have never been in the playoffs before, so they don’t know about how playoff rules work. For instance, nobody told them that it’s against the rules to play with two sticks.

During the Blue Jackets game against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, the Jackets’ Jakub Voracek spent several seconds skating around while holding two sticks. Somehow he managed to get away with it, depending upon what your definition of “participating in play” is.

Jakub Voracek’s ploy didn’t work though. The Red Wings beat the Blue Jackets 4-0 to take a 2-0 lead in their playoff series. Next time, maybe they should try playing with 3 sticks.

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