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Washington Nationals Uniforms Say Washington Natinals

If you’re the Washington Nationals, things can’t get much worse. You’re 1-9, you play in a horrible area of DC, and you have little hope of improving, aside from hopefully getting Stephen Strasburg (but you won’t get too excited yet because he’s represented by Scott Boras and will either want too much money or will jump in front of a train to avoid signing with the Nationals).

You can add one more sign of futility to that list: Even the team’s uniform make sucks. Meet the latest team, the Washington Natinals.


The mistake was noticed on the uniforms of Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn during the Nationals’ loss to the Florida Marlins on Friday night.

Given how often the team puts zeros up on the board, goes 0-for-4, and goes winless, it’s entirely possible that they had to start using the letter “o” everywhere instead and simply ran out.

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