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Bill Murray Hits Woman With Golf Ball At Outback Pro-Am

bill-murray-golfThat rascal Bill Murray is at it again. His Discount synthroid antics have entertained millions, but his latest incident sent a woman to the hospital.

The incident occurred while Murray was playing with Hal Sutton, Jeff Sluman and Fred Paglia in the Outback Pro-Am at the TPC Tampa Bay.

Bill’s tee shot went way off-course, crossing a road and then hitting a woman named Gail DiMaggio who had come out to watch him play.

“I wasn’t sure I was in bounds or not,” Murray said. “And I saw this NBC golf cart coming at me and he said, ‘I hate to be the one to tell you this but you hit a lady. She’s down on the ground.’ That is, you know, sobering.”

How do you know that your golf shot was really bad? For starters, if you had no clue whether you were in bounds our not, that might be a hint that something is wrong. Also, look around for people who are bleeding.

The woman was taken to the hospital, but she was conscious and moving. As for her husband, she’s probably going to be a bit mad at him.

According to Bill Murray, when he went over to check on her, “She was overjoyed when she saw me because she said she had come out to see me and her husband had just said, ‘I hope he hits it over here.’ ”

Mr. DiMaggio got his wish, but whether or not wanting his wife to get hit with a golf ball was included in that wish is known only to him.

Murray hospitalizes woman with golf shot [MSNBC]

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