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Soccer Team President Runs On Field To Confront Referees: Video

Brazilian soccer is getting out of control. Earlier this week, there was the coach who knocked down a player and then punched a referee. Now, an outraged club president ran on to the field and started yelling at the refs.

The incident happened during a match between Guaratingueta and Atletico MG in the Copa do Brasil.

Guaratingueta president Carlos Arini was incensed by referee Wallace Nascimento Valente’s decision to give a red card to his team’s goalkeeper, Juninho who had by match accounts made a clean play to prevent a goal by Diego Tadell.

As Arini rushed on to the pitch, riot police were already there to protect the referees. He was eventually escorted off of the field, but not before calling the referee a “thief.”

Those of you who had Mark Cuban in the “Which Team Official Will Try To Attack A Referee First?” pool, please hand over your money.

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