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Hockey Reporter Roger Millions Says ‘Cocks—er’ On Live Television: Video

In case you didn’t guess from the title, the video above has audio that is NSFW (unless you’re Roger Millions or another employee at Rogers Sportsnet).

The NHL playoffs have started, and the Chicago Blackhawks are taking on the Calgary Flames in a first round series.

Rogers Sportsnet is covering the action, and Roger Millions contributed to their coverage by saying “cocksucker” on air after screwing up. Oops.

It’s pretty clear that he either didn’t think he was live, or someone showed the wrong take of a prerecorded segment. Either way, Roger Millions is not doing as well as he thought he was. A bit of a blooper, indeed.

It was just a playoff hockey game, there was nobody watching, was there? Maybe nobody will notice.

Or, more likely, poor Roger will be all over the Internet by the morning. It will be interesting seeing how ESPN’s “Blog Buzz” handles this one.

As for the game, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Calgary Flames 3-2 in overtime, with Martin Havlat scoring the game-winning goal just 12 seconds into OT. Flames fans will certainly be using a certain word to describe him.

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