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Chinese Soccer Coach Kicks & Beats Up One Of His Players

coach-kickingA Chinese Cialis soft vs cialis coach is in hot water after assaulting a player who screwed up and allowed a goal.

The coach of Guangyao, Shen Xiangfu, kicked and swore at Wang Xiaosi during halftime of a match his team lost 3-2 to Hangzhou. So one could say that the coach beat his Wang.

“When I saw him, I became furious. I approached him and kicked him twice very strongly and said quite strong stuff,” said Shen.

As for Wang, he ran home after incident and is not with the team. Well, at least he won’t give up any more goals that way, so chalk that up as a win for Coach Shen Xiangfu.

Sources say that he did not leave because of getting attacked, but because of injury. Fortunately, the full name of Gungyao is Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Cephalexin uses Club, so they should have plenty of access to medications to get him back in shape.

Shen has tried to control the damage, downplaying the notion that he beat the crap out of one of his players by saying, “My starting point and principle are definitely in the interest of the team, and I hope the team will play good games.”

By the way Shen Xiangfu is also a leading contender to be the next coach of the Chinese National Team. This incident will either destroy his chances or it will secure him the job.

A coach beating up a player would never happen in the United States. Or at least if it did, that coach would not live much longer. It’s a shame really, as it would make those halftime interviews & locker room cams much more interesting.

‘Furious’ Chinese soccer coach kicks player [AFP]

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