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Los Angeles Angels Fight Boston Red Sox After Josh Beckett Throws At Bobby Abreu: Video

During yesterday’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox, both benches empties after Josh Beckett threw a pitch that ended up near Bobby Abreu’s head. Tempers flared because Abreu had called for and was given a timeout before Beckett’s pitch.

All-in-all, it ends up not being much of a brawl, though Josh Beckett was definitely subjected to some harsh yelling from the Angels. Walking off the mound with his hands up while approaching Angels manager Mike Scioscia as he talked to the umpire certainly did not help matters.

Over the course of the “fight” and the next half inning, four Angels players and coaches were ejected, but no Red Sox. Torii Hunter, Mickey Hatcher, Justin Speier, and Mike Scioscia all were sent home early.

The Angels have had an emotional week, so it’s understandable that they would band together against any opponent, whether Josh Beckett was intentionally throwing at Bobby Abreu or not.

Benches clear in Red Sox-Angels game [AP]

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