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Cat Runs Around On Field During New York Mets Citi Field Opener: Video

New York Mets fans can get their shiny new Citi Field with its fancy food and jumbo Jumbotron, but they’re still stuck with the cats that once inhabited Shea Stadium.

One of the cats from the old ballpark joined the team in their move to Citi Field and decided to make an appearance during the 3rd inning of the Mets’ game against the San Diego Padres. As shown in the video, play was stopped with Daniel Murphy at the plate and David Wright on deck as the cat ran around behind home plate for a while.

Cats and laser pointers make for great entertainment, but you can add cats and backstops to that list as well. I bet when those people shelled out hundreds of dollars for those seats, they didn’t expect to be confronted with feral cats.

After a few aborted jumps into the backstop, the cat eventually ran up into the seats, but somehow I doubt this will be the last time this will happen.

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