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Daily Rubbish: April 10, 2009

Video of the Day: Marv Albert presents sports highlights on What is sildenafil, 1989 [via Hot Clicks]

Today’s Links:

The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn Talks About Augmentin side effects, The Twins And More [FirstCuts]

Blood on the Ice [Gunaxin]

Augusta National puts the “Child” back in “Child Labor” [National Lampoon]

CC Sabathia Stimulates New Jersey Real Estate Market [Walkoff Walk]

Everyone’s Getting Playoff Beards For The Penguins [PSAMP]

The Forgotten Jordan, Bird, Barkley McDonalds, Commercial [NESW Sports]

I Want: A Cyborg Eyball [On 205th]

Royals: Year Of the Lion [Josh Q. Public]

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