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Daily Rubbish: April 8, 2009

Video of the Day: Stephen Colbert Gets Evil Congressman Dan Maffei To Say He Likes Cocaine & Prostitutes

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Better Know a District – New York’s 25th – Dan Maffei
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Today’s Links:

Athletes’ Twitters are basically garbage [The Sporting News]

Devil Ball @ The 2009 Masters: The greatest bargain in sports [Devil Ball Golf]

Joe Biden would be President if he had Jim Palmer’s Hair, Video [NESW Sports]

The Verducci Issue [Fangraphs]

Bemidji State: Cinderella or Pinocchio? [Sports Biz]

As They See ‘Em: Q&A with Author Bruce Weber [Hugging Harold Reynolds]


IndyCar on VERSUS starts with a bomb [My Name Is IRL]

Answering Baseball’s What-Ifs [New York Times]

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