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BBC Sportscaster Gets In Trouble For Making Fun Of Jockey’s Teeth: Video

The BBC has been forced to apologize after one of its presenters, Clare Balding, made fun of jockey Liam Treadwell’s teeth.

Treadwell had just won the biggest race of his life, the famed Grand National, on the back of a horse that had 100-1 odds.

Balding said to Treadwell, “Give us a big grin to the camera. No let’s see your teeth. He hasn’t got the best in the world but you can afford to go and get them done now.”

Someone named “Balding” really shouldn’t be making fun of anyone’s physical differences.

The BBC apology statement read: “Clare Balding had no intention whatsoever of upsetting or embarrassing Liam Treadwell, but she fully accepts that she should not have raised the subject with him at that time.”

big-book-of-british-smilesOr how about any time? Unless you’re a dentist, it’s not a good idea to be telling someone they really should get some dental work done.

After receiving an apology from Balding, Liam Treadwell said, “”Of course it was the wrong thing for her to say, and under normal circumstances I might have said something back, but yesterday wasn’t a normal day.”

As for what he would have said, one can only assume it would have had something to do with her getting some surgery of her own done.

BBC apologizes over jokes about jockey’s teeth [Reuters]

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  • bobitoi

    On 29 May 2009, Balding announced that she has thyroid cancer. She told the Daily Mail newspaper that she had her thyroid gland removed and would have radioactive iodine treatment in July this year. She promised to be back on television covering the Epsom Derby, by the following Saturday.caderea parului