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Chris Daniels Full-Court Buzzer Beater PGE Turow vs. AZS Koszalin Polish Basketball Playoffs: Video

This amazing full-court buzzer beater comes to us from Poland, where PGE Turow Zgorzelec and AZS Koszalin are in the middle of a Polish League Playoffs Quarterfinals series, with PGE Turow currently holding a 2-0 lead.

In Game 2, former Georgia Bulldogs star Chris Daniels grabbed a rebound on an opponent’s shot at the end of the 3rd quarter, took a few steps, then hurled the ball down the court just before the buzzer sounded.

Daniels’ shot went off the backboard and right through the net, much to the delight of the PGE Turow crowd.

After the game Chris Daniels was interviewed for the PGE Turow website. Keep in mind that this interview was translated from English to Polish to English.

Interviewer: Fans gathered in the hall witnessed incredible show. Lots przechwytów, effective action, charges, or popisowych applications. The highlight was a projection of the Lord throughout the playground!

Chris Daniels: It was incredible feeling. Released the ball from the hands, and looked like summer. I did not know whether to hit on all the trash.

Every man has debated that at some point.

As for describing Daniels’ shot as “a projection of the Lord throughout the playground,” that is definitely the best description of a full-court buzzer beater ever.

PS: In case you were wondering what Tyus Edney is up to, he is one of Chris Daniels’ teammates on PGE Turow.

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  • Jerome V. Masicat

    Is he set to play for Brgy Ginebra Kings in the Philippine Basketball Association? He'll be their 4th import in the current conference.

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