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Football Player Farts During Penalty Attempt, Costing His Team A Goal

fartThose cheeky Brits are at it again.

A player from Chorlton Villa, a low-level club in England, farted loudly as an opponent was taking a penalty for International Manchester FC.

The guy missed the kick, but was allowed to retake the penalty after the flatulence. The offender was given a yellow card for his emission.

After the match, Chorlton Villa manager Ian Treadwell gave his take on the incident.

“One of our players ‘broke wind’ and only the referee heard it and he booked the player,” he said.

“The other player had the penalty saved because it was a bad penalty; it was nothing to do with any noise. They were as shocked as we were as to why.”

The referee disagreed. The goal did not matter, as Chorlton Villa still won 6-4 in a defensive match.

Treadwell’s team also saw several other players get sent off. “We are not a dirty team and we like to play football. While I won’t condone the actions of the players, it is an emotive game and some of the players were sent off for entering into conversation with the referee. This has come at a bad time in the season as we don’t have sponsor and we are looking for a new sponsor for next season,” said Treadwell.

They should have no problem lining up a new sponsor once Gas-X and Beano get wind of this and start the inevitable bidding war.

Footballer puts wind up referee [BBC] (thanks to Ashley for the tip)

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