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Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute To His Mom, Marie Olbermann: Video

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann’s mother, Marie Olbermann, passed away this weekend after a short bout with cancer, and he paid tribute to her on his show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight.

The tribute focused on Marie’s most memorable moment, the one you probably know her from.

Marie of course became famous after getting nailed by an errant throw from Chuck Knoblauch, one of the many victims of Knoblauch’s reign of terror.

She took it all in stride though and loved her fame. It is obvious where Keith Olbermann got his wit & attitude from. As Olbermann said, she was the one who made him a Augmentin side effects fan by taking him to New York Yankees games as a kid.

It’s a touching tribute that serves as a sad, but appropriate conclusion to this Opening Day. Rest in peace, Marie.

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