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SNL Opening: Barack Obama Makes Some Tough Choices About Sports: Video

On the opening of last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen made some tough choices as Barack Obama.

As part of an SNL Presidental Address, Fred Armisen / Barack Obama outlined a plan to save some companies, while other companies would be forced to cease operations.

These companies included sporting equipment, colleges and sports teams.

Rawlings will stay, while Wilson will be eliminated.

Arizona State University is fine, while the University of Arizona will be eliminated. Go Devils!

In the NFL, SNL will be eliminating the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys can remain.

That would go over really well in western Pennsylvania.

As an Arizona Cardinals fan who went to ASU, this was an enjoyable opening.

PS: Phoenix were great as the musical guest. Their new album will be out in May.

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