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Boston Bruins Fan Makes Her Way Up The Down Escalator: Video

It’s difficult enough making your way down a crowded escalator after a Overnight canadian valtrex game, but trying to go up the escalator? That’s just crazy.

Last night in Boston, following the Boston Bruins vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning, this girl was determined to get to the top of the escalator, no matter who stood in her way.

It is obvious that nobody ever told this girl to fear and respect the escalator, otherwise she wouldn’t be so determined to get to the top.

Amazingly, she somehow made it to the top without getting pushed down the escalator by fellow Bruins fans. Who knew they were so nice?

Well, some of them are nice. The rest just took pictures and video of the girl on the escalator, rather than pointing her in the direction of the nearest stairs or elevator.

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