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Joe Paterno Reminisces About The Good Old Days Of Jewish Basketball: Video

Old people are great.

They can get away with saying whatever they want, even if it might not be considered politically correct by everyone.

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was interviewed on ESPN last night during the NIT semifinal matchup between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Paterno was reminiscing about the basketball days of yore and said this gem, which might not be something most people would say in this age of political correctness.

“They all talk about it as a Black Man’s game now. Everyone says it’s a Black Man’s game. When I grew up it was a Jewish man’s game.”- Joe Paterno

Now everyone knows this is a lie, as Joe Paterno was 35 when basketball was invented.

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When Joe Paterno Grew Up, Basketball Was A “Jewish Game” [Awful Announcing]

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