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Woman Promoting Beach Volleyball Tournament Faints On Live TV: Video

Early morning television is useless and boring, except when guests do things like this.

While promoting a beach volleyball tournament at Sharkey’s Beach Club in Panama City, Florida, this woman was being interviewed on television by WMBB and fainted, falling face first into the sand.

Starting today we have a collegiate challenge that’s open to any college… any college…

Poor Nikki Allen. If you made me get on television at 6am during Spring Break in Panama City, I would probably fall over too.

Nice job by the guy in the jams though, not letting any fainting interviewees get in the way of sending things back to the studio. It’s not like the fainting woman could have been choking on sand or anything.

But hey, here’s your school day forecast!

Woman Faints During Live TV Interview [Deadspin]

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