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Referee Sends Off Entire Team In Argentina After Riot: Barracas Bolivar vs. General Lamadrid: Video

In Argentina, it’s not just the soccer fans who riot. Players like to get in on the action as well, as seen in the video above.

During an Argentinian Primera C league match between Barracas Bolivar and General Lamadrid, the match had to be stopped after an hour because a riot broke out.

And not just any riot. Players from Lamadrid had gotten into an argument with Barracas Bolivar fans. According to witnesses, fans from the home side began to fight with the visitors, including players who were watching from the stand. At this point, the Lamadrid players who were in the middle of playing the match jumped in to support their fans & teammates. A massive brawl ensued, with riot police having to be called on to the field to stop the violence.

The referee, Lucas Di Bastiano, soon got to work punishing the players involved. Not one red card. Not two red cards. A whopping total of 18 red cards were given to the General Lamadrid side. All 11 starters were sent off, along with 7 substitutes.

Needless to say, the match was abandoned with the home Barracas Bolivar side in the lead, 3-0. Additionally, Lamadrid will have to play with a reserve side in their next match, as all of their regular players are suspended.

Maybe next time they should just leave the fighting up to the fans and just play some soccer.

Referee Ejects 18 Players [Terra] (Spanish)
Referee Sends Off An Entire Team In Argentina []

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