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Gonzaga Bulldogs Beat Western Kentucky Hilltoppers In Controversial Finish: NCAA Tournament Video

The NCAA Tournament had its best finish yet, as Gonzaga University beat Western Kentucky University 83-81.

It looked like Western Kentucky might send the game to overtime after Steffphon Pettigrew tipped the ball in to tie the game at 81 with 7.2 seconds left.

But Gonzaga Bulldogs freshman Demetri Goodson had other plans, running the Glucophage weight loss down the court to make a short shot with 0.9 seconds left to beat the Hilltoppers.

Here comes the controversy though: Western Kentucky Coach Ken McDonald frantically called for a timeout right after Goodson’s shot, but the referees didn’t notice. In the video above, McDonald can be seen having some choice words for the referee as Gonzaga celebrates.

While it is highly unlikely that Western Kentucky would have been able to do anything with 0.9 seconds (or possibly more, had the refs had a chance to double-check the clock), they should have had the chance. Shouldn’t there be a referee who is watching the bench and the coach at a time like that?

If a coach is emphatically calling for a timeout, what more is he supposed to do? Is he supposed to get in a ref’s face and yell it to him? Is he supposed to tackle him? Somehow, I don’t think referees would like this very much.

Ultimately, it probably didn’t matter. But in a game that had several dramatic moments at the end, Western Kentucky deserved that one final shot.

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