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Daily Rubbish: March 16, 2009

Video of the Day – Suppressexx ad on Saturday Night Live SNL:

Today’s Links:

Lenny Dykstra’s Not A Racist — He’s Had Three “Spearchuckers” On The Cover [Deadspin]

The NCAA Tournament Exhausts Even the Greatest Champions [Friends of the Program]

Nottingham Rugby Team Purchases 1000 Inflatable Fans To Add To Stadium Atmosphere [FanIQ]

LeBron James Pregame Camerawork Ritual, Video [NESW Sports]

Best Prize For Any Bracket Contest: The Bacon Explosion [Intentional Foul]

The 10 Richest Sports Stars In The World And What They Spend Their Money On [Betfair]

Beware the Dugouts of March: The Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2009 Preview [The Dugout]

Launch of the Mavericks Fail Campaign [Fanster]

The Ombudsman Signs Off [ESPN]

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