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Sean Williams Destroys Electronics In Denver Cell Phone Shop: Exclusive Video!

We all get mad at technology. Who hasn’t wanted to throw their computer, printer, or cell phone across the room?

Okay, so usually people are mad at those objects and not just mad in general. But who are we to question the motives of New Jersey Nets forward Sean Williams?

Williams was in a suburban Denver cell phone shop, where he was apparently attempting to buy an iPhone but did not have proper identification.

According to the Lone Tree Police Department, “The investigation indicated that Sean Williams had been involved in a verbal altercation with the clerk at the store. He then picked up a computer monitor and threw it inside the store. The monitor was broken and also caused damage to a printer and signature pad.”

Williams was then arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and felony criminal mischief, making this his 2nd arrest in less than a month. In February, he was arrested at his former school, Boston College, though those charges were dropped. In that incident, Williams became “belligerent when police tried to arrest him and wrote obscenities instead of his name on the fingerprint card and trespass warning,” presumably because no electronics were nearby for him to destroy.

Sports Rubbish has obtained exclusive footage of Sean Williams going nuts and smashing up electronics equipment:

Nets’ Williams arrested after altercation [AP]
Police: Williams not allowed on campus [AP]

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