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Manchester United TV Kindly Requests That You Do Not Comment On The Crotch Bulge Sizes Of Their Commentators: Video

Whoever screens calls at Manchester United TV (MUTV) might want to start looking for another job.

During a call-in show, one caller named Simon from Leicester called in with the sole purpose of complimenting one of the commentators, Gary Pallister, on the size of the bulge in his pants, much to everyone’s embarrassment.

While the commentators laughed a bit, the female host didn’t find it too funny. Yet for some strange reason she remained fixated on the subject for far longer than she should have.

The Brits call that a cock-up, right?

Embarrassing phonecall on MUTV! [Interestment]
Video: Gary Pallister receives a huge compliment on MUTV [The Spoiler]

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