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Chinese Wrestler Bites Opponent During Match


Is there any kind of cheating that isn’t tolerated in Discount brand name provera? You can lie about your age, you can cut in line, you can pirate what you want, and now, you can apparently bite whoever you want.

During a Chinese national wrestling tournament, one wrestler named Alibieke bit his opponent, Yeerlanbieke Katai, while the two grappled.

According to spectators, “Katai let out a bloodcurdling cry and protested to the referee that he had been bitten.” Presumably, his bloodcurdling cry sounded something like “ALIBIEKE!”

After the match, Katai said, “If it wasn’t for that, I would have definitely finished that attack and taken the set.”

Despite his protest, and despite sporting a bite mark on his elbow, the match continued with Alibieke only receiving a warning for his “unintentional” bite.

“Wrestling is an intense sport… Athletes, it can be said, are exerting their all and sometimes are not able to control themselves very well,” said Dong Shenghui, wrestling director within China’s General Administration of Sports.

Mike Tyson wishes Dong Shenghui had chosen to be a boxing director here in the United States instead.

Chinese grappler gnaws on rival but still advances [Reuters]

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