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Daily Rubbish: March 11, 2009

Video Of The Day – MLB2K9 Has Some Entertaining Problems

HT: [Pasta Padre]

Today’s Links:

Jerome Bettis Has His Own Cuervo Tequila [PSAMP]

You Are Advised Not to Watch the Big Ten Tournament [Rumors & Rants]

Nothing Takes Away The Pain Of Being Slaughtered Like A Nice Dance In The Outfield [Sharapova's Thigh]

What does Dwight Howard do with his Gold Medal, video [NESW Sports]

Dutch Fans Celebrate WBC Performance [Gunaxin]

Resurgent Taliban To Field Team In Next World Augmentin side effects Classic [The Brushback]

Peyton Manning ditches Manning Day for Discount synthroid with Tiger Woods [Devil Ball Golf]

Tony Zendejas’ Excellent Acquitted Adventure [Bootlegger Sports]

Man Chokes to Death After Winning Pancake-Eating Contest [Fanhouse of Pancakes]

Marion Barber can run up a bar tab [Sports Crackle Pop]

Laimbeer Talks Pistons, Irish, Shock and NCAA Tourney with HHR [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

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