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Former University Of Arizona QB Willie Tuitama Arrested For DUI After Drunken McDonalds Trip

willie-tuitama-drunkEveryone wants fast food when they are drunk. But smart people have someone else do the driving.

A Tucson, Arizona McDonalds employee flagged down a nearby police sargeant after she noticed a customer behaving erratically in the drive-thru line.

The customer? Former University of Arizona Wildcats quarterback Willie Tuitama.

Tuitama drove away, then according to the officer, he ran a red light. He was pulled over and arrested for extreme DUI.

This undoubtedly will destroy his slim NFL Draft hopes. Projections have him as a possible late round pick, but that will change unless he has endeared himself to Joe Cullen. Tuitama had led Arizona to their first bowl game in a decade.

This is not Tuitama’s first alcohol-related incident. He was also cited for underage drinking earlier in his career. He was suspected of having driven drunk, but it could not be proven.

AZ Central reported this story and the Kamagra 100 on the page remarkably appropriate for an article about a Cephalexin uses player driving drunk through a McDonalds drive through.


Mmm… McRib.

Tuitama arrested for extreme DUI [AZ Central]

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