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Daily Rubbish: Eagles Fans Aren’t The Only Cranky Ones

If you want to keep your job, you might not want to call your employer retarded.

Remember the coked-out skier from last week? He claims his urine sample was tainted because he was “sabotaged” on a drunken night out right before the event.

Here are the worst beards in sports. Not included: Amanda Beard.

More TNT birthday goodness: This time it’s Kenny Smith & Chris Webber.

On a related note, Charles Barkley served his time in Tent City and spoke to the press (of course).

Does David Beckham want to start up his own soccer league in the U.S.?

Evgeni Malkin has some fun with the fans.

Pop that sweatshirt, Morehead State is going to the Big Dance!

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