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Jose Reyes Will Be Happy To Speak With You In The Language Of Your Choice : Video

Spring Training is a great place for fans to get to know their favorite players. In a relaxed setting with fewer people around, players let their guard down and converse with fans.

Unfortunately for some fans, they can’t handle the fact that some of these players, like Jose Reyes of the New York Mets, might speak another language.

Prior to his departure from Port St. Lucie, Florida, the Mets’ Spring Training home, for the World Baseball Classic, Jose Reyes was talking with a friend in Spanish at about the same speed that he runs.

A woman got increasingly agitated with Reyes, twice saying, “Now we’re going to practice English.” Presumably she will not be attending the Jose Reyes Spanish Academy any time soon.

Jose responded with a cleanly spoken “How are you?” in English to the woman, then went right back to speaking in Spanish with his friend.

Ooh, dissed.

Don’t worry though, Lady, Lou Dobbs supports you completely in your attempt to have everyone speak in a language you understand.

Thanks: [Rich Lee]

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