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Daily Rubbish: Is Shaq Taking Photos Of Himself On The John For Twitter?

I enjoy @THE_REAL_SHAQ‘s tweets as much as anyone else, but he may have crossed a line with this photo that looks like it was taken on the toilet. Happy birthday, big guy, but please, we don’t need to see that.

Brian Bosworth got busted for a DUI in Hollywood last night. The lesson here? Make sure your Harley has a license plate on it.

I might not be much of a Steelers fan right now, but this is ridiculous.

The upcoming Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm will be pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.

T.O. vs. A-Rod: One thing is clear, we’d all like to stop hearing about both of them for a long time.

Alex Rodriguez’s World Baseball Classic replacement? Fernando Tatis. Uh, good luck, Dominican Republic.

Finally, a must read for any World Baseball Classic fan. Check out the finest of team/alcohol pairings. Just don’t pull a Brian Bosworth.

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