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Charity Events Make Ashley Cole Drunk And Angry


There’s nothing like fundraising and promoting awareness for the less fortunate to make someone really appreciate how lucky they are. No, not lucky… what’s the word… ah yes, angry.

Acyclovir ointment’s Ashley Cole showed off his anger last night following a charity event in London. The event was held by Chelsea Cephalexin uses Club at The Armani Store in support of charity partners CLIC Sargent and Right To Play. According to the police, Cole was arrested afterward outside the Collection nightclub in Brompton Road, South Kensington after he repeatedly swore at officers.

He was then taken to a police station so he could sober up. When he was released, Cole was issued an £80 fine for being drunk and disorderly. The fine equates to 1/1025th of his weekly salary of £82,000. Somehow, he’ll manage to find the money to pay that.

Meanwhile, as Cole was drunkenly shouting at the police, his wife, Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was actually doing positive things for charity, but running into difficulty.


Cheryl Cole is participating in a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in support of Comic Relief (Michael Scott is vindicated!), but “had been unwell in the night and was given an anti sickness jab.”

If you would like to support Cheryl Cole much better than Ashley Cole is at the moment, you can make a donation to Comic Relief here.

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The BT Red Nose Climb [Website]

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