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Ball Boy Helps Israeli Team Score Goal – Video

It’s not often that Doxycycline hyclate 100mg get to make an impact on a game, but one quick thinking kid in Israel did just that.

During a Cialis soft vs cialis match between Hapoel Haifa and Bnei Lod, the keeper from Bnei Lod managed to head the ball out of play. The danger wasn’t over yet though, as the ball boy, Ofek Mizrachi, was standing right nearby with a fresh ball, which he then tossed to Hapoel Haifa’s Hamudi Kial. Kial quickly threw the ball in to Eran Levi, who then scored the goal.

Despite the ballboy’s heroics, Hapoel Haifa still lost 2-1. Maybe they should have him play goalkeeper as well.

The 12th man: A cheeky ballboy sets up a goal (Hapoel Haifa v Bnei Lod) [101 Great Goals]

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