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NASCAR Owner Gets Nailed For DUI At Atlanta Motor Speedway


NASCAR is at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend, and all of the sponsors & other people associated with the sport are out to have a good time. Some people in NASCAR make some moonshine, others imbibe.

This includes Billy Ballew, owner of some of the most prominent trucks in NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck Series, including that of Kyle Busch.


Photo: Henry County Sheriff's Department

On Wednesday night, Ballew was driving a sponsor from his condominium at the track to a mobile home at the track, but got nabbed by “an irate cop” wearing a cap marked “security.”

He refused a breathalyzer, but admitted that he had a mixed drink with him in the car.

“It was only one drink. I was not drunk,” Ballew said. “I was on Atlanta Motor Speedway property. I was not on the highway.”

So kids, your lesson here is that it’s okay to have one mixed drink with you in the car. It’s also perfectly fine to drive with a drink as long as you’re doing it at a racetrack.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Department & the courts, however, might say differently. According to Georgia State Law, it doesn’t matter where you drink and drive, so those of you who are planning on opening up a Drunk Driving Racetrack might want to hold off on your plans.

NASCAR team owner charged with DUI at Atlanta Motor Speedway [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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