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Welcome To The New!


Sports Rubbish now has a new home!

Unlike Terrell Owens, we know where we will be next year – right here on our very own domain.

The new site looks a lot better and has improved commenting. The new site has a lot of cool features that you don’t care about, but we enjoy being able to use.

Nothing else will change, however. Sports Rubbish will continue to provide the same inane sports stories you have come to expect. Now it’s just a little less Blogspotty and has widgets. Who can’t enjoy a good widget from time to time?

While you are here, you can keep up with Sports Rubbish in the following ways:

By e-mail, RSS Subscription, My Yahoo, Google Reader and all those things: Click Here

On Twitter: @SportsRubbish

So that’s that. Take a look around the new site & make yourselves comfortable. Just don’t spill beer on anything yet, all this crap is rent-to-own.

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