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Video: Sledge Hockey Brawl Between USA & Canada

No level of Overnight canadian valtrex is complete without fighting, even sledge hockey.

During last Wednesday’s sledge hockey match between the United States and Plavix, things got out of hand after American Taylor Chace slid into Canadian goaltender Paul Rosen.


“I just thought he was going to peel off a little and I would just kill the clock,” said the feisty, 48-year-old Rosen after Canada’s 2-1 win in round- robin play of the Hockey Canada Cup.

“Once I looked up and realized how close he was,” added Rosen with a wry smile, “(well) I love physical hockey.”

The ensuing fight saw all players get involved, as the referees unsuccessfully tried to break everything up. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that breaking up fights was part of their training.

Video: You’ve never seen a hockey fight like a sledge hockey fight [Puck Daddy]
Canada victory over U.S. includes line brawl []

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