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Robotic Lawn Mower Presents A New Danger On The Golf Course

Discount synthroid courses just got a lot more dangerous now that Tiger Woods is back playing.

But there’s also another reason for golfers to watch out. Imagine you’re on the course, lining up your next shot. Wham! You get run over by a robotic lawn mower. Meet the RG3 (Robotic Greens Mower 3) from Precise Path.

Golf course managers who don’t want to pay people to mow their grass can now buy the RG3, which costs $29,500 and promises “100 percent coverage in a single pass.”

These unrelenting robots will do their job, and they will do it well. “Our robot could provide the human precision necessary to upkeep, actually better than a human is capable of, and not costing the large amount in intensive labor costs,”  said Precise Path co-founder, president, and CTO Doug Traster.

While the main purpose of the robot is to mow greens, golf course superintendents will also be able to mow fairways & rake sand traps.

The lawn mowing robot weighs 650 pounds and goes 3.5 mph. While the average golfer should be able to outrun that, what will happen to retiree golfers? The water hazards of the golf courses of Arizona and Florida will be filled with blood when these robots inevitably rise up and begin turning on humans.

When old men are run over on the grass, and pulled into sand traps like they’re being attacked by a Sarlacc, don’t say you weren’t warned.

A robot for golf fans? [CNET]

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