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Undercover Sting Catches People Hoping To Trade White Powder For White Powder

Most of us would know not to respond to a Craigslist ad promising ski lift tickets in exchange for drugs.

Some people, however, do not. Those people are sitting in the Mono County Jail after being arrested at Mammoth Lakes, California.

The Mono County Sheriff’s Department posted an ad on Craigslist that offered people free lift tickets to the ski resort if people just gave them their drugs. Amazingly, six Southern California residents fell for this scheme, bringing their narcotics up to the snow at Mammoth to get their free skiing & snowboarding.

The desperate powder enthusiasts who were arrested are Molly Malloy, 27, and Gene Farley, 34, from Huntington Beach and Joshua Martin, 28, and Christopher Nichols, 30, from Newport Beach, as well as Jonathan Morrison, 21, of Highland Park and Travis Jennings, 22, of San Luis Obispo. Those are their IQs, not their ages.

The sting operation netted “about 1 pound of Lasix dosage, one-fourth ounce of Diflucan dosage, “ecstasy” tablets and a variety of prescription medications.”

Not knowing much about drug prices, it’s doubtful that all of that is worth a couple of free lift tickets. It’s definitely not worth getting arrested for & having your name published and laughed at all over the Internet.

4 O.C. residents arrested in ski-lift-tickets-for-drugs sting [OC Register]

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