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Daily Rubbish: Free Marbury? Actually, Really Expensive Marbury

At work today? Check out how much Stephon Marbury made this year to do absolutely nothing & then get incredibly depressed.

They don’t spell so good in Mississippi. Nor do they spell so good in Mississppi.

The sheriff from the Michael Phelps pot case is still in the limelight. Looks like someone wants to be the next Joe Arpaio..

Even though this post about the sports blogosphere contains no T or A, it’s still a very good read.

Alexander Ovechkin can do many things well. Driving is not one of them.

Charles Barkley got a Krispy Kreme birthday cake. Wouldn’t he have preferred some bear claws? Maybe not.

The New York Post’s Page Six had a slow news day.

Can you really blame Washington State’s QB for wanting to be drunk?

And finally, if you’re not enjoying some baseball today, what’s wrong with you?

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