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Helicopter Lands On Field During Cricket Match In India

During a cricket match in India, play was stopped because of a helicopter landing on the pitch.

Most people would guess that the helicopter had mechanical problems, or was attending to an emergency. Those people would be incorrect.

The pilot of the helicopter was flying over the cricket grounds when he saw a large “H” painted on one corner of the grass. Naturally, he assumed that this “H” stood for helipad.

Instead, it stood for the home team, Himachal Pradesh.

Compounding his mistake was a nearby fire. It seems our hapless pilot thought that he was seeing smoke signals, so he landed. This makes sense, since everyone knows Indians use smoke signals.

Following the match, one manager said, “It landed suddenly. No one knew what was happening. There was chaos. Everyone ran for cover.”

As players scurried, play was halted. It was then stopped for 30 minutes until the pilot could be convinced of his mistake. Apparently, a bunch of guys in white sweaters yelling at him while shaking cricket bats were not sufficient enough to solicit a quick departure.

Helicopter stops play in Indian cricket match [Reuters]

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