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Video: Don’t Mess With Jens Lehmann If You Expect To Keep Your Accessories

German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is making quite the name for himself in the field of accessory tossing.

In the past week, he has been in 2 incidents where he has thrown something that belonged to another player.

This weekend, during a 3-3 draw between Stuttgart and TSG Hoffenheim, Lehmann tossed the shoe of Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihović on to the top of his own net.

Poor Salihović was unable to find his boot and was forced to leave the field until he could find it.

Hoffenheim coach Ralf Rangnick had some unkind words for Jens Lehmann following the match, to which the goalkeeper responded:

“Rangnick’s statement surprises me a lot. It is sad that he does not even seem to know the rules and calls me unfair. While he of all things tolerates the rude foul of that player [Salihović] through which Boka suffered a torn outer ligament. So where is the proportionality in that?

“Usually the referee had to stop the game and send the player off the field so he could have put his shoe back on there. So now the shoe lies were it could be an obstacle for a shot or a through pass. If Rangnick would follow everything so closely like he always pretends he would know that is what I do with everything in and around my penalty area.

Let it be known to all opponents that they should not linger around his penalty area, nor should they leave any clothing or accessories.

On second thought, his teammates might want to take that advice as well.

Just days prior, during a UEFA Cup match between Vfb Sttutgart and Zenit St Petersburg, Lehmann had another run-in with a player – this time with a guy on his own team, Khalid Boulahrouz.

The offense? Boulahrouz had allowed Zenit a clear shot.

The music is what makes that video special. Somehow, it’s perfect for headband throwing. Stay tuned for the next episode, where Jens Lehmann takes a player’s pants and tosses them into the crowd.

Jens Lehmann throws a striker’s boot off the field [The Spoiler]
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