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Video: Soccer Brawl Between Brazilian Teams Brasil and Ulbra After Goal Celebration Is Seen To Be Mocking Dead Player

What a better way to kick off the soccer season in Brazil than with a fight?

During a match between Brasil and Ulbra in the Rio Grande do Sul championship, a brawl broke out following a goal celebration.

Rogerio Pereira scored the goal to put Ulbra up 5-2 and wisely went to celebrate in front of Brasil’s fans. According to Brazilian news reports, Pereira allegedly not only celebrated, he also celebrated in a way that was similar to Claudio Millar, one of the top players for Brasil de Pelotas, who scored over 100 goals for the team.

The issue here? Claudio Millar and 2 other players & coaches from Brasil were killed in a bus crash in January.

Not surprisingly, the players from Brasil did not like this, and much fighting ensued, including some flying kicks. Nearly everyone employed by the two teams got involved in the kicking, including Brasil team president Elder Lopes. Even when they’re fighting, they have to use their feet.

A total of 7 players were sent off: 4 from Brasil (Danrlei, Luciano (reserve) Gleidson and Alex Martins) and 3 from Ulbra (Henry, Juninho (reserve goalkeeper) and Rogerio Pereira, the man who set everyone off. Perhaps next time he should stay away from goal celebrations that might be seen as mocking a dead man.

Seven players sent off in Brazilian brawl [Yahoo!]
Ulbra vence Brasil-Pe e enfrenta o Inter no domingo [Zero Hora] (translation from Portuguese)

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