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Video: Bus Crash Involving Albany River Rats AHL Hockey Team

Following a game against the Lowell Devils, the AHL’s Albany River Rats were suddenly woken up. On a snowy and icy night, their bus had gone out of control on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Becket, skidding off the road and into a guardrail.

Everyone on the bus was taken to the hospital, and a few suffered serious Buying clomid online cheap us including some broken bones. All players and staff, however, are expected to be okay, with no life or career threatening injuries.

After the incident, Albany River Rats head coach Jeff Daniels said, “It was scary, one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through. As quick as it happened, as you’re kind of getting tossed around the bus, it almost seemed like slow motion, and again, once the bus stopped and ended up on its side, a lot of guys were shouting and screaming to make sure everyone was okay.”

Despite their injuries, all of the members of the River Rats are feeling very lucky. The guardrail that sliced through the luggage compartment could have gone through the passenger area instead, and the story would be much sadder today. Instead, they are thankful that their harrowing tale will just be a story to tell about their experience in the minor leagues.

Overnight canadian valtrex team’s bus rolls over, injures 5[WWLP]

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