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Daily Rubbish: 282 Points In 2 Days Makes Suns Fans Dance

It’s an exciting time to be a Suns fan once again. Well, at least if they play the Clippers every day.

Just as Cardinals fans predicted might happen, the NFL quietly fined Santonio Holmes $10,000 for his Super Bowl touchdown celebration, 17 days after the game.

More Dwight Howard from the All-Star Game: Working the counter at McDonalds. Sales were down, however, as none of the customers could see the menu.

Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live interviews Paul Pierce and Shaq. In the hard-hitting interview, we find out that Shaq likes basketball, and Paul Pierce does not want to play soccer.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter… no longer BFFs. Infield chemistry is overrated anyway.

Ebbsfleet United FC, the soccer club owned by the Internet, might be in financial trouble. Of course they are, why pay for players when you can get them from BitTorrent?

Remember Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks mascot who got hit in the crotch? He tore a knee ligament on the play and will need surgery. Even the Bucks mascot can’t stay healthy.

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